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News - Reflecting on 2017

The JTD BESI Trust

In 2016, in anticipation of the 30th Anniversary of JT Dooley Contracting (Pty) Limited, the Directors registered the J T Dooley Black Employees Share Incentive Trust Fund when 51% of the shares of the company were transferred for the benefit of all black employees and contractors.

The Trustees of the JTD BESI Trust are:

In September 2017, all 58 members of the Trust received their first Profit Share pay-out. It was a very proud moment for the Directors, and the culmination of years of negotiations and paperwork.

Staff Education Fund

The Company has always sought to operate on more than just good corporate governance principles. The Staff Education Fund continues to provide vital finances and opportunities to black applicants from both within the company and without. Some of our more notable contributions in 2017 were:

Fostering family-like relationships with staff has been rewarded with loyalty and staff that are incentivised to deliver on their respective mandates. With each employee holding value within the company, and both the company and staff feeling appreciated in respect to each other, the company continues to deliver on its various projects.